We believe in protecting brains.

That’s why Providence Bridge Pedal requires each participant to wear a bike helmet. It’s also why a portion of the proceeds from the 2015 Providence Bridge Pedal will fund concussion and neurocognitive testing, known as ImPact testing.

Concussions (mild traumatic brain injury) can occur at any age and at any level of sport or activity. ImPact testing is a valuable tool. It can help medical professionals determine when someone can safely return to physical or mental activities, such as sports training and school work, following a concussion. If someone has a concussion and returns too quickly to sports or academics, he or she may develop more symptoms and risk long-term problems with concentration, memory, headaches and physical skills. In the spirit of creating healthier communities, Providence Bridge Pedal beneficiary funds will promote the importance of ImPact testing and will help fund testing for 10- to 18-year-old students.

Many high schools offer ImPact testing for student athletes who play high-risk sports, such as football, soccer and basketball. When schools do not offer ImPact testing, student athletes can seek out ImPact testing at community locations. Unfortunately, however, many students cannot afford the $15 to $25 test fee. Funding from Providence Bridge Pedal will remove this barrier and make more free testing available.